About Us

Welcome to Grafton College of Management Sciences, which is a global institution reaching out to people on every continent. “Grafton College of Management Sciences is dedicated to the provision of a first class learning experience that will equip the student with the skills, ability and knowledge to help them compete in their chosen discipline. Grafton College of Management Sciences will provide access to learning opportunities, to all students regardless of their background or level of education. Grafton College of Management Sciences will treat all students and staff with respect and dignity thereby ensuring the development of a first class learning environment.

The quality and excellence of our education

Grafton College of Management Sciences provides quality education in a caring and friendly environment. Due to its outstanding modern facilities students in Grafton College experience effective and enjoyable learning methods which highly contribute to their success.

Experienced and qualified staff

Our staff is experienced and qualified, including lecturers who hold an MBA, PhD or other relevant qualifications in their fields from internationally recognized institutions. Bringing their experience to classes, lecturers and teachers implement a practical approach into theoretical bases. As a result of this, our students undergo a learning process which from the outset prepares them for employment. 

Meeting the needs of students and the industry

Any Further and Higher Education Institution plays an important part in achieving an eventual goal for its students: good employment opportunities as well as a better quality of life. It is evident that employers are looking for a workforce which does not simply rely on academic mastery, but also possesses the required practical skills. The courses offered by the college are meant to address the needs of employment and educational progression. All courses are 'real life based', i.e. students apply their academic learning to real life situations. For example, our business students are asked to develop business plans or even create full company accounts. Having this kind of experience, our graduates find it easier to obtain work placements and commence successful careers in some of the world's leading brand name firms.

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