Airport Pick-Up

Arriving in Dublin

Most international flights will arrive at Dublin Airport.

You will need to show the Immigration Officer:

  •  Your valid passport or national identity card
  •  Entry clearance documentation (visa, entry clearance sticker)

You are also advised to carry:

  • Proof of acceptance for full-time study at Grafton College of Management Sciences (your offer letter)
  • Evidence of financial support (bank statements or a letter from your sponsor or supporting family letter)

You may also be asked for evidence of a recent chest x-ray, or the Medical Unit may x-ray you at the airport. It is advised that you have a chest x-ray prior to leaving your home country and that you carry this evidence to show on arrival to avoid unnecessary delays. Nationals of some countries are now required to have a Certificate of a TB test, please check with the Irish Embassy/Consulate in your home country.

A good idea: Keep your passport, travel documents, university letters and medical letters in your hand luggage so that you will easily be able to provide these on arrival.

After passing through passport control, you will have to make your way to the baggage claim area. Luggage trolleys are widely available and free. Once you have collected your luggage, you can move on to Customs.


You will find three different queues:

Green Channel

No goods to declare

Red Channel

Goods to declare, for example if you are carrying more than the permitted duty or tax free allowances or any prohibited goods

Blue Channel

For those who have arrived from an airport within the European Union

Please note: Even if you go through the Green Channel, the customs officer may ask you to open your luggage for inspection.

Airport Collection

Arriving in Ireland from overseas for the first time can be rather overwhelming. We can arrange for you to be met at the airport by a College approved Executive Car Services company which will take you to your collected accommodation or the College as appropriate.

Dublin Airport: €50.00 (One Way)

If you have any enquiry on Airport Collection contact us

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