TIE Exam

If you are a visa holding student then you have to take an external exam because this is a rule of INIS – the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service.  If you are studying General English then the external exam you have to take is the TIE exam. All students are tested in TIE by an external organisation called IELT and that organisation is accredited by ACELS and INIS. IELT charges 100 euros for each student to sit the exam. Grafton College does not make any money from students sitting the exam. We do oblige students to pay 100 euros for the exam but all of this money goes to IELT.

You are required by INIS and also by Grafton College to do this exam. You must participate in the preparation work for this exam. You must turn up on time for the exam and you must have the correct materials in order to do the exam.

To be ready for the exam you need to do three things;

  1. Read a book at your level
  2. Carry out an investigation/project
  3. Follow a current news story

Your teachers will help you do these things in class.

If you require more information, please speak to your teacher, the Director of Studies or visit the TIE website www.ielt.ie

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